Welcome to the DUSK Empire

Everybody asks… ‘but what exactly is DUSK?’

DUSK is an identity of togetherness, based in the heart of the diverse City of Cambridge DUSK, brings the creative together.

We don’t confine what DUSK is. It’s always whatever excites us. We don’t define what DUSK is. It’s whatever we feel like doing, whatever inspires us.

‘How did it start?’ That’s always the next question everybody asks.

Like all the really good ideas, it started from a chat between friends back in August 2015. We wondered, why don’t we take all the experience we’ve gained from working at student club nights in the diverse city of Cambridge, and put together our own club night? So that’s what we did…we wanted to combine all the things we’d enjoyed the most from all our great nights out. A club night that felt like one of those nights you always remember and talk about with your mates.

DUSK branded t-shirts were provided to our rep team working on our first event night. But like we said, we don’t confine what DUSK is…so what the next event turned out to be surprised us all. Everybody wanted one of those DUSK team t-shirts, an identity of togetherness. So we offered the very first DUSK t-shirt for sale; they sold out… and the DUSK brand was launched.

Since then we’ve introduced new items of apparel, such as hoodies, sweaters, caps and people are always excited to find out what’s coming next. New products are provided in small quantities, our DUSK customers appreciate that touch of exclusivity, so there’s always a rush for the latest items.

As the Dusk identity grew people wanted to get involved and at DUSK we love listening to people with good ideas; our mates, our customers, the creative minds in Cambridge, so fresh new products are always on the way.

You can get involved and be part of the DUSK state-of-mind. Check our site regularly for the latest, new offerings, or spread the state-of-mind and offer DUSK products into your own network. We’ll keep organising events too, bringing people together will always be at the heart of DUSK.

Join the DUSK Empire today…We can’t wait to find out what the next big DUSK thing will be!